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About May 8, 2011

January 1963, small southwestern Kansas town…

Little Ricky

This is Kansas?

Once young Richard mastered the art of dressing well, he was ready for prime time.  He convinced his family to move to Texas (his father’s job transfer had nothing to do with it).

Having spent most of his life in the Lone Star State, he might be considered a Texan.  Rick loves Texas, however he considers himself a galactic citizen.   “Texas is my location, not my citizenship.” proclaims Rick.  “I do not see value in taking on minor political divisions as part of my identity.  Why would you limit yourself like that?”  “I see things like Texan, African, Christian, Muslim, Scientist; as keywords to assist others in finding us in their memory.  Keywords are not identity.  Load one of your favorite videos on Youtube and look at all the keywords.  Now pick one, just one, and see if it contains the fullness of what that video is.  Words may describe is-ness, but is-ness defines words — words do not define is-ness.”

Rick moves directly into one of his stories (they appear to be endless), “The best way to answer a child who asks ‘what is a cat?’ might be to hand that child an actual cat.  Catch up with the child and cat some years later and ask the child what a cat is.  Unless the child is wise enough to simply hand you a cat, large books could be written trying to answer the question.  Go to your local library and look up cat in the catalog of books.  I rest my case.”

Most readers should be picking up on why Rick needs a blog by this point, but we digress…


One Response to “About”

  1. Dear Rick,

    I very much enjoyed our intercontinental triangular chat yesterday about Wellsprings: A Fable of Consciousness. Each of us inspired the other, and we generated a wide-ranging synergy.

    If you think you might enjoy my previous book, Radical Peace, let me know and I’ll send it.

    In case you’re interested in finding out more about TM, here’s a summary of the effects on health:

    The course is cheaper in Costa Rica than in the US (one of the reasons course prices are high in the US is to finance the teaching in the poorer countries). Here are two TM teachers, I think in San Jose, but they may know someone in your area:

    Rafael de la Puente

    Prof. Rafael Quesada
    You and Jean are doing great work, and I’m glad to be in contact with you.


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